About Us

PRourHealth means Professional Rebuilding our Health!

PRourHealth is a brand of nutrition supplement products developed by Boston Health Tech Corporation (Boston HTC), whose focus is to deliver high quality of natural and health-promoting products with the best innovative solutions to our customers.

Our strong scientific teams together with state-of-the art facility, which exceeds GMP standard, allow us to meet the highest need and anticipation from our customers.  

Complex health problems require complex solutions. Our mission is to transform the complex solutions into a single pill, with the belief that the need and trust of our customers are the source of inspiration for our being.

Boston HTC provides those who share the same mission the best opportunity and attainable solutions. 

Boston HTC is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, an interdisciplinary academic hub for cutting edge science and technology. We are at the forefront of biomedical and environmental researches, bringing together experts across multiple disciplines, dedicated to creating a platform for innovative ideas to thrive. The scope of Boston HTC is manifested in three themes that serve well for our mission.